Safari tents are designed as both indoor and canvas tents

Safari tents concept

Safari tents are designed as both indoor and canvas tents. They provide an air space between the roof canopy and the top of the inner tent at a distance of 10 cm, which allows the tent to "breathe" and prevents condensation inside. The module (body) of the tent is a wooden structure made of logs with a diameter of 10 cm and treated with fire protection, interconnected with metal connectors. It looks like a builder, it is easy and quick to transport, assemble and disassemble. Two workers will easily assemble this module in 5-6 hours according to the assembly scheme. Our experts will help your workers assemble the module. The inner tent is made of a combination of synthetic (OXFORD) and natural (CANVAS) fabrics, which provides a comfortable microclimate inside. The roof canopy is made of 100% moisture resistant PVC, is not subject to UV damage, does not emit odor when heated, and does not deform.

Structural models:

Used materials:

PVC fabric

OXFORD 600D fabric


Cylindrical logs

Metal connectors

Video: Assembling the platform, hull and tent


The lower walls of the tent have a "skirt", which, after setting up the tent, are securely "glued" along the entire perimeter to adhesive tape, which completely excludes the penetration of insects and cold air.

On the back and side walls of the tent, there are transparent PVC windows measuring 60 x 100 cm, covered with an anti-mosquito net. The windows inside the tent can be covered with curtains.

Along the entire front wall is a wall made of "mosquito net", duplicating the main cover, which is equipped with a zipper. This design allows you to ventilate the tent as efficiently as possible in the warm season, without fear of insects entering the dwelling. In the "Winter-Summer" configuration, it is possible to install additional heated walls, which can significantly increase the comfortable season for guests.

To maintain a good tension of the tent canopy, a removable heating system is placed outside. At the same time, there are several additional advantages: aesthetic perception - the heating system becomes almost invisible, it is possible to distinguish whether such a system is installed only by the entrance group, the possibility of using not all heated walls, but only some. , for example, to increase the lighting of the tent.

The roof and the tensioning system are additionally reinforced with PVC inserts and tensioning brackets, which is absolutely invisible under the roof and is 100% reliable. A toilet and a bathroom unit can be installed inside the tent. 

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