A new stage in the development of tent tourism in Moldova


The concept of "glamping" was introduced in the UK in 2005 as a result of the combination of the words "glamor" and "camping". This is a new type of ecotourism, complex outdoor recreation.

There are thousands of glamping sites in the world today.

The safari tent is a modular cottage for camping and recreation centers. To create it, we took the best from the comfort of home and tent, combining them in our own product. The main advantages of a safari tent are mobility in installation and the ability to comfortably admire the wild and picturesque nature, even in those places where construction is prohibited.

A modern man is accustomed to many of the comforts of city life, so giving up a warm bed, showers and electricity for outdoor recreation is difficult for him. Regular camping cannot boast of such advantages, so I decided to create safari tents for glamping.

In glamping, outdoor recreation is combined with the comfort of civilization, instead of sleeping bags, guests are offered comfortable beds with mattresses and sheets. The light interior looks like a cozy and beautiful apartment, and the outer structure (PVC canopy) looks like a large tent that can withstand wind and rain, inside the tent you can install a shower and toilet.

For hotels in the country, wineries, tourist and fishing bases, sports camps, glamping is a profitable solution to increase the number of rooms. Very often the lack of housing is necessary, as a rule, only for the summer period.

Why build expensive rooms or cottages when you can build glamping?

Our safari tent models are available in different sizes and configurations. Each of the models has the following components:
• Modular frame (body): rounded wooden beams, metal connectors, accessories
• Tent (oxford + tarpaulin, PVC cover, accessories)

To set up a safari tent, you need to build a platform that the structure will stand on. You can build this platform yourself according to our drawings or order the platform from us and install it by our specialists.

The main advantages of safari tents::

• Mobility and the ability to install in various hard-to-reach places;
• Construction approval is not required, because no capital buildings and glamping sites can be rented;
• Get a turnkey solution. There are modules of different sizes to accommodate from 2 people to a company of 4-5 people;
• A project like this is easy to start and can start with a few tents.;
• Rapid return on investment - as practice shows, the glamping module pays off already in the first season of use.


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